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Hi, my name is Tang and I am the creator of Teach Chinese kids, also known as TCK. Welcome to our site! We offer appealing English coaching careers all over China for native and non-native speakers. Come and accept the challenge – Teaching English China!

Our mission for devoted individuals to join our program. Come with us and get your interesting life started by Teaching English China! This program is ideal for beginner teachers but suits the experienced ones as well. Jobs are available in regions all around China that are Mandarin-speaking, so there’s plenty of opportunities. We provide the best English teaching jobs overseas, so contact us with confidence.

Safety: This is our number one priority. We will also provide you with a safe environment during your stay in China. All teachers are placed in well-known private and government run schools having a single purpose – Teaching English China
Fun: We believe in creating an open atmosphere, thus both the teachers and the kids feel fun in teaching and studying. Our team works very hard every day and ensures teachers work happily in an amazing ambiance.
Discover: We assure you that your stay in China is once in a life time experience, so you’re guaranteed to discover new things as well. Our country is full of mysteries and miracles ready to be discovered. We also have the nicest people, so let’s begin Teaching English China!

Teaching English in China

Teaching English ChinaCome meet a Chinese and say: “Ni Hao!” which means “hi!” in China!
As an unfamiliar teacher, you don’t only teach English, but you also encourage an exchange of cultures with Chinese kids, teachers and the local community, therefore doing that you will gain deeper awareness of the appreciation for the people, the culture and the Chinese language.
Teaching English China is an appreciated, advantageous and enjoyable job. Also you will discover a new culture, try teaching English far from home, start your Mandarin learning, visit the most captivating places without breaking your wallet.
Experience a very different culture from yours also known as the world’s oldest civilizations, furthermore you might bring a fresh point of view to establishing communities. The places and the variety of experiences here are almost as vast as the country itself.

With TCK, you can
1) Bolster your resume by learning Chinese while you experience this fast-growing economy firsthand.
2) Experience China’s traditional festivals, try exotic cuisine, or find balance with early-morning Tai Chi lessons.
3) Travel through ancient landscapes in a lush countryside of terraced rice paddies.
4) Prepare for a globalized future by learning the distinctive styles of Chinese networking and negotiation.



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Teaching English ChinaAudrey Lancaster – USA

“I spent my last year as an English Teacher abroad. Most beautiful 12 months of my life since i love working with the kids. I also met the nicest people, ever. I lived in a wonderful city called Nanning while I have travelled a lot in my free time. A beautiful and memorable experience, Teaching English China. Consequently, i will definitely do this again.”


Teaching English ChinaMike Smith – Melbourne, Australia

“I am an English Teacher in China since November. Tang and her team helped me a lot during my stay here. She arranged the interviews with the schools, always answered every question I asked and was very patient with me. In conclusion I strongly recommend her to everyone who wants to adhere to Teaching English China program.”

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Requirements to Teaching English China

  • Devotion to teach
  • Enjoy working with young people
  • Fun and effective teaching style
  • High English skills (non-native speakers are also welcome if they know English very well)
  • Discipline at work
  • Cultural openness
  • At least: high school degree
  • Age limit: between 18 and 50 years old

We can offer 6 or 12 months contracts. Furthermore, the 12 moths contracts are more suggested, because a lot the schools and kindergartens would like to hire a teacher for two consecutive semesters. In most cases you can start working in August or February, because most of the teachings jobs are available before a new semester starts, but with us you can start working at any time you want. As an English teacher you are always welcome at Teaching English Abroad, so come join us.
Application Process

Our Services for Teachers

Our English teachers with interesting jobs all over the country, in private and public institutions. According to your competence and your inclination, you can work in a kindergarten, in a private training institute, in a middle school or maybe even in an university. In most classes you will probably be assisted by a Chinese teacher, which will help you with any translation or with disciplining the kids if necessary. Therefore, this will help you as well to focus on what are you hired for: Teaching English. Hence it means that you need no Chinese language skills.
We give comprehensive teacher training for free and provide you with useful teaching materials, so you diversify your teaching methods.

Our success is based on long-term collaboration with both teachers and schools. We always like to connect closely with teachers and schools to guarantee pleasing circumstances for everybody.
To make sure you have a beautiful start in China and won’t have any worries, we offer extensive services, which includes work-related problems as well as everyday life elements in this country, and you will have an easy time in your Teaching English job in China.

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